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Introduction to RE
Key Concepts
  • Understand about some key RE questions
  • Reflect on what is important in life
  • Try to show empathy to those people who are placed in dangerous situations
Focus Religions
General Overview of All Six Main Religions
Key Vocabulary
Qualities, Special, Belief, Value, Government, Democracy, Dictatorship
What is the Best Kind of Guidance?
Key Concepts
  • Understand what worship means
  • Understand how Hindus worship
  • Explain how worship makes faith grow stronger
Focus Religions
Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Key Vocabulary
Gospels, Qur’an, Hadith, Democracy, Government, Dictatorship
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What is the ‘Big Story’ told in the Bible?
Key Concepts
  • To Understand The Big Story Told In The Bible
  • To Decide How Relevant The Big Story Is To Today’s World
Focus Religions
Key Vocabulary
BCE, Belief, CE, Creation, Crucifixion, Incarnation, Jesus, Levite, Neighbour, New Testament, Opinion, Parable, Resurrection
Why was Gotama Buddha so special?
Key Concepts
  • To Know About Gotama Buddha And The Important Choices He Made In His Life
  • To Understand Some Of His Teachings
  • To Form Your Own Opinion On The Choices He Made
Focus Religions
Key Vocabulary
Renunciation, Enlightenment, Anicca, Anatta, Dukkha, Dhammapada
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Is It Right To Eat Animals?
Key Concepts
  • Find Out Why Some People Are Vegetarian And Others Are Not
  • Find Out Whether Being Religious Affects Your Views About Animals
Focus Religions
Hinduism, Judaism
Key Vocabulary
Moral Dilemma, Vegetarian, Vivisection, Reincarnation
What Are We Doing To The Environment?
Key Concepts
  • Know Some Reasons Why Human Beings Have Harmed The Environment
  • Understand Some Religious Beliefs About The Environment
  • Express Your Own Wonder And Worries About The Environment
Focus Religions
All Main Religions
Key Vocabulary
Sacred, Creation, Pollution, Stewardship, Interdependence
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 7 have one Religious Education each week.

Students will receive one piece of Religious Education homework set on alternate weeks.


Pupils are given a baseline test in their first lesson.

Students’ progress and work is assessed through in class assessments at the end of each topic.