Whole School Leadership

Mr G Neal


Mrs J Shaw


Senior School and Sixth Form Leadership
Assistant Headteachers

Mr L Nicholls

Assistant Headteacher


Miss K Perks

Assistant Headteacher

(Teaching and Learning)

Mr L Nicholas

Assistant Headteacher

Department Heads

Miss H Whitehouse

Head of
Creative Subjects

Mrs N Wright

Head of

Mrs H Reader

Head of

Mr L Nicholas

Head of
Maths, Business, ICT, Computer Science, Economics and Psychology

Mr S Williams

Head of

Mr M Korbely

Head of
Sixth Form

Prep School Leadership

Mrs J Sadiq

Head of Prep School

Mrs C Burrows


Mrs H Murphy

Pre-Prep Lead

Mrs A Winstanley

Prep School Lead

We are very proud of our highly motivated team of immensely qualified staff, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the classroom and all areas of school life.

We would like to remind parents of our policy that staff will respond to emails within two working days. This timescale has been implemented as many colleagues are unable to access emails throughout the School day due to teaching or other commitments. If you need to contact a member of staff urgently, please contact Upper School Reception on 0121 625 0398 or the Lower School Reception on 0121 454 0099.

If, out of hours, you have an urgent safeguarding concern please contact: DSL@sgse.co.uk

Board of Trustees

We are fortunate at St George’s to enjoy the support of a dedicated and talented Board of Trustees, led by our Chair of Trustees Sir Robert Dowling.

You can read more about the individuals who make up our Board of Trustees here.