Pre-Prep includes both our Pre-School class (ages 3-4) and our Reception class (ages 4-5).

Our Pre-Prep aims to ignite children’s imagination and grow a love of learning through strong communication skills, social skills and establishing good learning behaviours. In doing this our children will become confident learners.

The Pre-Prep curriculum is tailored to ensure the youngest members of our school have a firm foundation for future learning. It caters for each individual child’s needs; ensuring that children are making continuous progress; uniting early Literacy and Numeracy skills with play-based inquiry and problem-solving skills.

The Pre-Prep classrooms and outdoor spaces have been specially set out to create a stimulating, warm and nurturing environment which incorporates all areas of the Early Year. Our outdoor areas help children become curious and respectful, showing a genuine love of the natural world.

An open, friendly atmosphere and a close partnership with parents ensure children begin their educational experience feeling nurtured and supported through encouragement, reward and celebration.

We offer the 15 and 30 hour funded place to all eligible 3–4-year-olds. These are met within the day and the school day runs from 8.30am to 3.20pm. Before and After school provision is available to our Pre-Prep pupils. Please contact the school for further details.