They say that school days are the best days of your life, and following on from the solid foundations laid by our Preparatory School, in the Senior School these happy memories continue to be fostered.

We want all of our students to have the very best educational journey possible. So, what should their journey entail? At St George’s, we believe that ‘the best’ is about carefully nurturing each child’s individual self-esteem, self-expression, strengths and ambitions to ensure that they grow into confident, considerate and compassionate young people who fulfil their vast potential.

With a whole new raft of both academic and personal challenges ahead, our aim is to equip our students with a toolbox of strategies to enable them to cope effectively with whatever life brings them.

At this juncture in education, the academic environment will by nature become gradually more demanding but, here at St George’s, a team of dedicated and experienced staff is on hand to support and guide each of our students as they continue their journey with us.

A clearly defined support system is at the heart of the Senior School’s caring atmosphere. Small class sizes and the friendly atmosphere allow for excellent relationships between staff, pupils and parents – a foundation which is enjoyable as we celebrate the good times but can be vital as we navigate the rapids affecting teenage lives. Academically, subject teachers carefully monitor assessment grades and examination results so that support and help based entirely on an individual’s needs can be given where necessary.

The greatest strengths of the Senior School are undoubtedly the relationship between staff and pupils, and the support pupils give to each other. Discipline and respect are key ingredients which, when mixed with friendliness, make a great recipe for exam and personal success. At the end of their time in the Senior School, not only do our pupils have academic currency with which to move forward in life, but crucially they also have friends and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

We hold a 25-year legacy of providing ‘the best’ for our children and a wealth of success stories. Having browsed our website we hope that you will want to visit us and find out more about why a childhood at St George’s is so special.

Mr G Neal and Mrs J Shaw