15 Hours Funding Available for 3 and 4 Year Olds

St George's School Edgbaston is a very special, unique place, as you will see if you come to visit.

We are a relatively small school, which allows us to develop excellent relationships and really get to know our students. Staff care about our students, and they care about each other. Relationships are invested with warmth and trust. We have a strong sense of family and commitment to an inclusive ethos which helps our students feel unconditionally valued. Every child should feel seen and heard, and our small class sizes ensure that no pupil is overlooked.

Aside from our excellent exam results and passionate teachers, St George’s focuses on the journey of each individual in a way that is tangibly different. Our young people not only have their academic potential ignited, but are also taught to look on the world with empathy, offering their talents and energies for the benefit of others.

We hold the belief that self-discovery is the key to success; not only do happy children learn, they also explore their strengths and weaknesses, develop resilience and face challenges with greater strength. We have high expectations of our students, and ask that each individual try their best. In return, we provide every opportunity for our young people to flourish.

No writing, brochure or website will ever capture something so hard to describe. Why not come and meet us yourselves!

Mrs J Sadiq

Head of Prep School