The Senior School day starts at 08:25, with on-site supervision available every day in the Crush Hall from 08:15–08:25. Each day starts with Registration followed by either Form Time or an assembly. This provides students with a daily essential point of contact with their Form Tutor. All students are expected to hand in their mobile phones which will be securely stored in their Form Rooms until the end of the school day.

There are six lessons in a School day and each year-group will have the opportunity to participate in our extra-curricular activities every Wednesday afternoon. Most days pupils will have four lessons in the morning and a further two lessons following lunch.

Afternoon Registration takes place at 13:35, and a further end of day Form Time enables students to collect their mobile phones and discuss any matters that have occurred during the day, or seek help to prepare for the following school day. The school day ends at 15:35.

We offer a range of clubs and activities during Lunch Break and after school. After school clubs run from 15:35 to 16:30pm.

All students should have left the school site by 16:30 unless participating in an after-school activity that goes beyond this time – you will be informed of timings by the member of staff coordinating the activity and we ask that parents support us by ensuring their child is collected promptly.

The School finishes at midday on the last day of each term, and if children are not travelling independently, parents should ensure they have arrangements in place to collect their child.

Times of the Senior School Day
Form Time
08:25 - 08:50
Period 1
08:50 - 09:45
Period 2
09:45 - 10:40
Break Time
10:40 - 10:55
Period 3
10:55 - 11:50
Period 4
11:50 - 12:45
12:45 - 13:35
Form Time
13:35 - 13:40
Period 5
13:40 - 14:35
Period 6
14:35 - 15:30
Form Time
15:30 - 15:35
End of School Day