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Thematic Studies
Religion, Peace and Conflict
Key Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Violent Protest And Terrorism
  • Reasons For War
  • Nuclear War And Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  • The Just War
  • Holy War And Religion As A Cause Of Violence
  • Pacifism And Peace-Making
  • Religious Responses To Victims Of War
Focus Religions
Christianity and Islam
Key Vocabulary
War, Peace, Justice, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Protest, Violence, Terrorism, Greed, Self-defence, Retaliation, Nuclear Weapons, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, Just War, Holy War, Pacifism, Peacemaker, Peace-making
Thematic Studies
Religion and Life
Key Concepts
  • The Origins Of The Universe
  • The Value Of The World
  • The Use And Abuse Of The Environment
  • Pollution
  • The Use And Abuse Of Animals
  • The Origins Of Human Life
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Death And The Afterlife
Focus Religions
Christianity and Islam
Key Vocabulary
Universe, Fundamentalist Christians, Liberals, Wonder, Awe, Responsibility, Stewardship, Dominion, Environment, Natural Resources, Abuse, Sustainable Development, Non-renewable Resources, Deforestation, Renewable Energy
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Thematic Studies, Relationships and Families
Key Concepts
  • Religious Teachings About Human Sexuality
  • Sexual Relationships Before And Outside Marriage
  • Contraception And Family Planning
  • Religious Teachings About Marriage
  • Divorce And Remarriage
  • Religious Teachings About The Nature Of Families In The 21st Century
  • Religious Teachings About The Purpose Of Families In The 21st Century
  • Religious Attitudes To Gender Equality
Focus Religions
Christianity and Islam
Key Vocabulary
Human Sexuality, Heterosexuality, Homosexual, Sex Before Marriage, Adultery, Sex Outside Marriage, Contraception, Family Planning, Marriage, Civil Partnership, Same-sex Marriage, Cohabitation, Divorce, Remarriage, Annulment, Family, Nuclear Family, Stepfamily, Extended Family, Polygamy, Bigamy, Same-sex Parents, Procreation, Stability, Protection Of Children, Educating Children In A Faith
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Religion, Crime and Punishment
Key Concepts
  • Crime And Punishment
  • Reasons For Crime
  • Christian Attitudes To Law Breakers And Different Types Of Crime
  • Three Aims Of Punishment
  • Christian Attitudes To Suffering And Causing Suffering To Others
  • Christian Attitudes To The Treatment Of Criminals – Prison, Corporal Punishment And Community Service
  • Christian Attitudes To Forgiveness
  • Christian Attitudes To The Death Penalty
Focus Religions
Key Vocabulary
Crime, Punishment, Evil, Poverty, Mental Illness, Addiction, Greed, Retribution, Deterrence, Reformation, Free Will, Prison, Corporal Punishment, Community Service, Forgiveness, Death Penalty, Sanctity Of Life
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 10 have 3 lessons of Religious Education each week.

Students will receive one piece of Religious Education homework set every week.


Students are assessed at the end of each unit. There are also End of Term assessments and an End of Year assessment.