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Urban growth in Nigeria
Key Concepts
  • Location of Lagos
  • Population growth in Lagos and the reasons for this
  • Opportunities in Lagos
  • Challenges that Lagos faces
  • Squatter settlements
  • Water supply and pollution
  • Traffic congestion and urban planning in Lagos
Key Vocabulary
Megacities, Location, Population, Rural, Urban, Migration, Opportunities, Urbanisation, Inequality, Challenges, Economic, Informal Economy, Squatter Settlements, Supply, Pollution, Congestion, Traffic, Plan, Integrated
Urban Challenges in the UK
Key Concepts
  • Cities in the UK
  • Location and importance of London
  • How London’s population has changed over time
  • Employment patterns in London
  • Transport in London
  • Urban greening
  • Urban inequalities and the need for more homes
  • London’s pollution problem
Key Vocabulary
Population, Distribution, Location, National, International, Importance, Ethnic, Cultural, Opportunities, Recreation, Docks, Decline, Industries, Regeneration, Investment, Private Investment, Employment, Patterns, Urban Greening, Strategies, Inequalities, Deprivation, Green Belt, Pollution
Sustainable Development of Urban Areas
Key Concepts
  • Impact that cities have on the environment
  • Sustainability within urban areas
  • Sustainable urban transport
Key Vocabulary
Sustainability, Environment, Ecological Footprint, Urban Living, Water, Energy, Transport, Strategies
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Key Concepts
  • How Ecosystems Operate
  • Epping Forest Ecosystem (UK)
  • Changes Affecting Ecosystem Balance
  • The Distribution and Characteristics of Global Eco-systems
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Key Vocabulary
Biotic, Abiotic, Biomes, Consumers, Food Chain, Biomass, Decomposers, Biodiversity, Food Web, Producers, Nutrient Cycle, Ecosystem, Rain Shadow
Tropical Rainforests
Key Concepts
  • Characteristics of a Tropical Rainforest
  • Adaptations to the Tropical Rainforest Environment
  • Deforestation of Tropical Rainforests
  • The Tropical Rainforest in Brazil: Causes of Deforestation
  • The Impacts of Deforestation
  • The Value of the Tropical Rainforest to People and the Environment
  • Strategies for Managing Tropical Rainforests Sustainably
Key Vocabulary
Climate, Vegetation, Interdependent, Intercepts, Adapted, Survival, Deforestation, Subsistence Farming, Forest Degradation, Logging, Mineral Extraction, Energy, Commercial Farming, Settlement, Population, Pollution, Soil Erosion, Pharmaceutical Companies, Sustainability, Debt Reduction, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Conservation, Protection, Eco-Tourism, Logging
Hot Deserts
Key Concepts
  • Characteristics of Hot Desert Environments
  • Hot Desert Ecosystems and Biodiversity Issues
  • Development Opportunities in the Western Desert
  • Development Challenges in the Western Desert
  • The Western Desert’s Water Crisis
  • Desert Fringes and Desertification
  • Human Causes of Desertification
  • Tackling Desertification
Key Vocabulary
Desert, Semi-Arid, Sand Dunes, Diurnal Temperature Range, Transpiration, Drought Tolerant, Desertification, Irrigation, Mineral Extraction, Tourism, Wilderness Area, Capacity, Water Security, Fragile Environments, Fringes
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Economic Development and Quality of Life
Key Concepts
  • World Development
  • Different Measures of Development
  • Population Change and the Demographic Transition Model
  • Factors Influencing Development
  • The Consequences of Uneven Development
Key Vocabulary
Development, Quality of Life, Gross National Income (GNI), Human Development Index, Demographic Transition Model, Human Resources, High Income Country, Low Income Country, Development Gap, Remittances
Reducing the Global Development Gap
Key Concepts
  • Industrial Development and Investment
  • Fair Trade and Development
  • Borrowing
  • Debt Relief and Development
  • Tourism in Tunisia
Key Vocabulary
Primary Products, Transnational Corporations (TNCs), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Multiplier Effect, International Aid, Economic, Commonwealth, Intermediate Technology, Sustainable Energy, Fairtrade, Debt Relief, Microfinance Loans, Tourism
Economic Development in Nigeria
Key Concepts
  • Nigeria’s Place in the World
  • Geographical Context of Nigeria
  • Nigeria’s Economy
  • The Role of Transnational Companies
  • Nigeria’s Relationship with Britain and China
  • Aid and Debt
  • Nigeria – Development for All
Key Vocabulary
BRIC Economies, MINT Economies, Democracy, GDP, European Union, Debt Crisis, Aid, GNI, Economic Migrants
Economic Change in the UK
Key Concepts
  • The Changing UK Economy
  • De-industrialisation
  • Post-Industrial Economy
  • Cambridge: A Hi-tech Hub
  • Rural Changes in the UK
  • The UK’s North-South Divide
  • High-Speed Railway
  • Ports and Airports
  • Making Industry More Sustainable
  • The UK’s Place in the World
  • The UK’s Global Links
Key Vocabulary
Industrial Structure, Globalisation, De-industrialisation, Government, Post Industrial, Information Technology, Quaternary Industry, Hi-Tech, Growth Corridors, Business Parks, Science Park, Counter-Urbanisation, Commute, Sparsely Populated, National Parks, Assisted Areas, Pollution
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 10 have 3 Geography lessons each week.

In Year 10 students have homework set every week.

During Year 10 students visit Carding Mill Valley to conduct fieldwork.


Students in Year 10 are given an assessment at the end of each unit.

Mini assessments are also conducted during the year.