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Natural Hazards
Key Concepts
  • Defining natural hazards
  • Classifying hazards
  • Factors affecting hazards
Key Vocabulary
Tectonic, atmospheric, geomorphological, biological
Tectonic Hazards
Key Concepts
  • Distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Plate margins
  • Comparing earthquakes
  • Risk management
Key Vocabulary
Conservative plate margin, Constructive plate margin, Destructive plate margin, Earthquake, Immediate responses, Long-term responses, Plate margin, Planning, Primary effects, Secondary effects
Weather Hazards
Key Concepts
  • Global atmospheric circulation
  • Tropical storms and its management
  • Typhoon Haiyan
  • Extreme weather hazards in the UK
  • Boscastle case study
  • Responses to the risk of extreme weather
Key Vocabulary
Economic impact, Environmental impact, Extreme weather, Global atmospheric circulation, convection cell, jet streams, Coriolis effect, Immediate responses, Long-term responses, Management strategies, Social impact
Climate Change
Key Concepts
  • Causes and effects of climate change
  • Management of climate change- adaptation and mitigation
Key Vocabulary
Economic impact, Environmental impact, Extreme weather, Immediate responses, Long-term responses, Management strategies, Social impact, human resilience, quaternary period, ice cores, orbital change, carbon capture
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Urban growth in Nigeria
Key Concepts
  • Location of Lagos
  • Population growth in Lagos and the reasons for this
  • Opportunities in Lagos
  • Challenges that Lagos faces
  • Squatter settlements
  • Water supply and pollution
  • Traffic congestion and urban planning in Lagos
Key Vocabulary
Megacities, Location, Population, Rural, Urban, Migration, Opportunities, Urbanisation, Inequality, Challenges, Economic, Informal Economy, Squatter Settlements, Supply, Pollution, Congestion, Traffic, Plan, Integrated
Urban Challenges in the UK
Key Concepts
  • Cities in the UK
  • Location and importance of London
  • How London’s population has changed over time
  • Employment patterns in London
  • Transport in London
  • Urban greening
  • Urban inequalities and the need for more homes
  • London’s pollution problem
Key Vocabulary
Population, Distribution, Location, National, International, Importance, Ethnic, Cultural, Opportunities, Recreation, Docks, Decline, Industries, Regeneration, Investment, Private Investment, Employment, Patterns, Urban Greening, Strategies, Inequalities, Deprivation, Green Belt, Pollution
Sustainable Development of Urban Areas
Key Concepts
  • Impact that cities have on the environment
  • Sustainability within urban areas
  • Sustainable urban transport
Key Vocabulary
Sustainability, Environment, Ecological Footprint, Urban Living, Water, Energy, Transport, Strategies
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 9 have 3 Geography lessons each week.

In Year 9 students have homework set every week.

During Year 9 students visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens to conduct fieldwork.


Students in Year 9 are given an assessment at the end of each unit.

Mini assessments are also conducted during the year.