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Sleep and Dreaming
Students Learn To
  • Develop awareness of the functions and features of sleep
  • Know the stages of the sleep-cycle and when dreaming occurs
  • Know the role of pineal gland and melatonin
  • Develop knowledge of the causes of sleep disorder
  • Know the differences between endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers
  • Explain and evaluate the Freudian theory of dreaming with reference to the unconscious mind
  • Explain and evaluate the activation synthesis of dreaming with reference to REM sleep
  • Describe and evaluate Williams et al’s study into bizarreness in dreams and fantasies
  • Understand the impact of neurological damage to the hypothalamus on sleep
  • Understand features of insomnia, the role of the nervous system and its management through relaxation technique
Key Terms
Sleep-Cycle, Dreaming, Pineal Gland, Melatonin, Sleep Disorders, Endogenous Pacemakers, Exogenous Zeitgebers, Unconscious, Activation Synthesis, REM Sleep, Fantasies, Hypothalmus, Insomnia, Relaxation Techniques
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Issues and Debates
Key Concepts
  • Nature vs Nurture
  • Holism vs Reductionism
  • Free Will vs Determinism
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By this point in the academic year, we have completed the course content and we are focusing on revision, exam technique and pace.

Subject Overview:

Students in Year 11 have 3 Psychology lesson each week.

Students receive 1 piece of Psychology homework each week. The homework usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete.


Students sit end of module examinations throughout the year.

Students sit mock examinations in the Autumn Term.

Students sit their final exams in the Summer Term.