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Year 12 Autumn
Year 12 Spring & Summer
Introduction to Art A Level
Coursework - Personal Investigation (worth 60%)

Mini project based on Close Ups/Food and Drink/Growth and Decay to introduce new skills and techniques. This is adapted to extend students previous experience in Art.

Introduction to structure of Art A level focusing on assessment criteria, sketchbook marking & guidance and learning to analyse artwork.

The personal investigation project, which is practical by nature, leads to a final piece(s) and is supported by a compulsory written element that links the work of other artists to the project.

In this component, you are in charge and with our support you will produce a portfolio of work that reflects your strengths and interests. You will be encouraged to work in a variety of ways, exploring fully the subject you have chosen.


By the end of this unit, pupils will have produced:

  • Sketchbook x 1
  • Information boards x 3
  • Final pieces x 1
  • Written essay (1000-3000 words) x 1
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Year 13 Autumn
Year 13 Spring & Summer
Coursework - Personal Investigation (worth 60%)
Exam - Externally Set Assignment

Continue to work on Personal Investigation. Pupils are provided with the time to carry out a number of experimentations and create a variety of pieces so that only the best pieces are submitted for moderation.

Similar to the personal investigation, but working from a series starting points set by OCR, you will produce a portfolio of work that leads to a final piece(s), produced in an exam. This work will be personal to you and can be produced using techniques and materials that you have chosen. Students, by this stage, are becoming independent learners, who work alongside the teachers in the department to realise their ambitions and are given support with their chosen progression routes. Pupils will carry out a 15-hour practical examination.

Subject Overview:

A-Level students have 5 Art lessons each week.

Students have Art homework set once every week, however all students in Sixth Form are expected to allocate time outside of lessons for further study.


Students in Sixth Form have a Mock Exam near the beginning of the Spring Term in Year 13. The mock lasts for 2 full days where students will complete their Personal Investigation (Coursework).

Students are then given the final task in Year 13 which is completed in a 2 Day Exam in the Summer term.