Content and Final Examination Overview:

A-level Mathematics consists of three externally-examined papers.

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Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2
Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics

Each Paper is:

  • 2-hour written examination
  • 33.33% of the qualification
  • 100 marks

One Paper in Two Sections:

  • 2-hour written examination
  • 33.33% of the qualification
  • 100 marks

Content Overview:
Content Overview:
  • Topic 1 – Proof
  • Topic 2 – Algebra and functions
  • Topic 3 – Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane
  • Topic 4 – Sequences and series
  • Topic 5 – Trigonometry
  • Topic 6 – Exponentials and logarithms
  • Topic 7 – Differentiation
  • Topic 8 – Integration
  • Topic 9 – Numerical methods
  • Topic 10 – Vectors

Section A: Statistics

  • Topic 1 – Statistical sampling
  • Topic 2 – Data presentation and interpretation
  • Topic 3 – Probability
  • Topic 4 – Statistical distributions
  • Topic 5 – Statistical hypothesis testing

Section B: Mechanics

  • Topic 6 – Quantities and units in mechanics
  • Topic 7 – Kinematics
  • Topic 8 – Forces and Newton’s laws
  • Topic 9 – Moments
Final Examination Overview
Final Examination Overview
  • Paper 1 and Paper 2 may contain questions on any topics from the Pure Mathematics content.
  • Students must answer all questions.
  • Calculators can be used in the assessment.
  • Paper 3 will contain questions on topics from the Statistics content in Section A and Mechanics content in Section B.
  • Students must answer all questions.
  • Calculators can be used in the assessment.
Subject Overview:

We are delighted with the results the Maths department enables its students to achieve in A-level Maths year on year at St George’s school. 

The course is demanding both academically and in terms of time commitment. The entry requirements are a good grade 7 at GCSE or equivalent.

We follow the Edexcel specification. There are 3 disciplines to study: Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics. Students will need to purchase their own text books for the course. These can be obtained online, at a bookshop or  at a discounted price as from school as we purchase a bulk order every year. (Please see below in the Resources section for further details regarding the text books)

Students will also need to purchase a Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator.

Year 12 & 13 students have 5 lessons each week. These are usually single lessons but occasionally double lessons are timetabled. For the majority of the course the lessons are split 3 to Pure Maths and 2 to Applied Maths (alternating chapters between Mechanics and Statistics).

Homework is set after every lesson and can be a hour or more in length. Students are strongly encouraged to use their study periods wisely to help with the amount of extra work required beyond the classroom.


Students are assessed throughout the academic year after each unit of work. They will be given notice of when these assessments will take place.

There is an End of Year assessment at the end of Year 12.