At St George's we offer support for a wide range of EAL needs, from students who have just arrived in England with little or no understanding of the language, to those who are fluent at communicating verbally in English but whose written expression is not at the same level as a native speaker.

We strive to help pupils improve their academic English so that they flourish in all areas of school life at St George's – academic, co-curricular but also socially and in the wider community.

We provide highly specialised and intensive tuition in 1:1 sessions, small groups or a combination of both which is tailored to each individual child. The EAL lessons focus on improving academic and social vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing skills.

Our aim is to ensure that the child’s transition into a senior school is smooth and that our pupils are well prepared for dealing with demands of further education and thriving in a multilingual society.

Our EAL policy can be found here.