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At Home
Different Houses
Where I Live
Find Your Ideal Twin Town
My City and My Environment
Problems In The Environment
Social Problems
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Describing Furniture And Household Chores
  • Revision Of The Position And Agreement Of Adjectives
  • Using Adjectives To Enhance Descriptions
  • Describe Your House
  • Use Of Negative Phrases Followed By “de”
  • Recognising Key Topic Words In Reading And Listening Tasks
  • Talking About Compass Points, Surroundings And Types Of Accommodation
  • Using “habiter” And “vivre”
  • Using Verbs Which Start With A Vowel
  • Describing What A Town Is Like And What There Is To See / Do
  • Using Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Describe My City
  • Describe The Problems Linked To The Environment In Your City
  • To Describe Social Issues In Your City
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The Environment
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Discussing Environmental Issues And Actions
  • Discussing Environmental Problems And Their Solutions
  • Discussing Social Issues
  • Discussing Inequality
  • Describing Holiday Destinations
  • Talking About Holiday Preferences
  • Talking About Holiday Activities
  • Talking About Visiting Different Places In France
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School And The School Subjects
The School Day
School Life
School Rules
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Describe Your School And Your School Subjects
  • Describe A Day At School
  • Compare School Life In France And Britain
  • Talk About School Rules And Uniform
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 10 have 3 French lessons each week.

In Year 10 students have homework set every week. This is linked to their GCSE studies and will include regular examination practice questions.


Students through out Year 10 are formally assessed through Reading and Writing Assessments. These assessments take place every half term or at the end of each topic.

Students speaking and listening skills are practiced during lessons with feedback given to students during lesson time.