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Places in town
Asking and Giving Directions
Arranging to Go Out
Clothes and Weather
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Understand Places In Town
  • Describe A Town
  • Use Correct Word Order
  • Use “il y a” And “il n’y a pas”
  • Combine Activities with Places Using “on peut”
  • Use “au, à la, aux, à l”
  • Create More Complex Sentences
  • Ask for and Give Directions
  • Use Connectives
  • Use “au, à la, à l’, aux”
  • Use the Imperative
  • Arrange to Go Out
  • Discuss Meeting Places
  • Use Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Talk About Clothes and Give Your Opinion on Style
  • Talk About the Weather and What You Wear for Different Occasions
  • Say When and How Often You do Activities
  • Discuss Weekend Activities
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Winter/Summer Sports
Leisure Activities
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Talk About Usual Holidays and Preferred Holidays
  • Describe Your Ideal Holidays
  • Describe a Past Holiday, Where You Went and What You Did
  • Talk About Festivals
  • Talk About Sports You Like and Do
  • Practise “jouer” and “faire” with Different Activities
  • Remember Grammar Rules
  • Talk About Winter and Summer Sports
  • Use “je voudrais/ j’aimerais”
  • Recycle Language in a Different Context
  • Describe Leisure Activities and Talk About Active Holidays
  • Practise Using “aller” in the Past Tense
  • Name Parts of the Body
  • Talk About Injuries Caused By Sporting Activities
  • Use “j’ai mal” + Parts of the Body
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Places in town
What can we do?
Find your way
Do you want to go out?
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Understand places in town
  • Describe a town
  • Say what activity you do in your free time
  • Combine activities with places using “on peut”
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Arrange to go out
  • Discuss meeting places
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 8 have one French lesson each week.

Students will receive one piece of French on alternate weeks. Homework may consist of new vocabulary to learn, a worksheet to complete or to produce a piece of written work


Students through out Year 8 are formally assessed through Reading and Writing Assessments. These assessments take place every half term or at the end of each topic.

Students speaking and listening skills are practiced during lessons with feedback given to students during lesson time.