Choosing St George's

At St George’s we know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make, and our Admissions Team would be pleased to guide you through this sometimes bewildering process.

Below you will find information about how to apply for a place for your child in our Lower School, Upper School and Sixth Form. We have welcoming Admissions Team: do talk to them about your plans, your concerns and your hopes for your child’s future. They will do their very best to help.

In addition to our Open Days, we can offer private tours for prospective families during the working day. These are by appointment only and will be timed for when our pupils are in lessons. As well as a tour of the school in action, you will have an opportunity to meet with key staff and find out more about our school, it's provision and ethos.

If you would like to book a private tour of the school please contact our Admissions Team:

Application Process:

To enquire about registering your child for a place at St George’s School, please complete this enquiry form (opens in new window) and a member of our Admissions Team will be in touch to discuss your application.

Following communication with our Admissions Team, should you wish to continue the application process, a non-refundable registration fee of £150 is payable alongside the registration form that you will be sent to complete. In addition, a copy of your child’s birth certificate, passport and visa documentation (if applicable) will be requested.

All applicants will be considered fairly by our Admissions Panel, and notified in regards to the outcome of their application.

Lower School:

Reception Class: Once your child’s registration is confirmed, a confidential reference will be sent to your child’s current setting to help us gain insight into their academic and social aptitudes. Based upon the information we receive, we may then organise for our Reception Team to visit your child in their current Nursery (or class setting if transitioning within current year band). This enables us to see your child in their familiar setting and talk to the adults who currently work with them. This is an important part of the process as we need to ensure we can meet all of your child’s needs. The more information we have about your child, the more effective their transition into our school.

If we are unable to visit your child’s current location (for example due to relocation), our Reception class teacher will make phone contact with your child’s current setting.

During the visit the teacher will complete an assessment summary sheet on the child, which provides information about the child’s academic and social abilities. We will use this information to help us decide whether the child should be offered a place. Our Admissions Panel will make the final decision as to whether a place should be offered, and will consider the information gathered from your child’s current setting, any assessments/paperwork from external agencies, and a confidential reference taken up from the child’s current nursery/school.

All other year groups: Parents are invited to contact the Admissions Team to ascertain if there is a vacancy in the desired year group and, if so, proceed to book a private tour as quickly as possible before the place is filled by another applicant. We do not have a set assessment date for places in other groups and deal with applications on a rolling basis. Places are offered in other year groups after a successful taster day, interview with the Head, a reference from the pupil's current school and possibly cognitive assessment tests. For those applying to us from overseas we are able to interview and assess remotely. We are also able to assist with child student visas.

Upper School:

Year 7: Prospective pupils will be invited to sit an Entrance Exam. Places are offered based on both academic aptitude and a good character reference from your child’s current school, but may not be offered in rank order as other factors, outlined in the Admissions Policy are also taken into account.

Entrance Exams:

Our Year 7 Entrance Exams for 2024 will take place on the following dates:

october, 2023

Parental Expectations

Upon acceptance Parents and students are expected to:

  • Sign and comply with the School’s terms and conditions (parents);
  • Comply with the School’s Behaviour Management Policy;
  • Comply with the School’s attendance policy;
  • Ensure students comply with the School’s dress code;
  • Ensure students comply with the School’s Student Code of Conduct;
  • Actively support school events.

For more information about our fees please click here.