Career Pathways

A Level

A Levels are traditional Level 3 qualification which prepare you for further academic study. A Levels can be studied in a variety of subjects and are offered in a range of faculties. You will typically choose 3 A Levels in your first year and study these until the end of Year 13, where you may be assessed by a mixture of exams and coursework (NEA) depending on the subject and exam board. Students at St George’s School who follow an A Level pathway typically go on to study at their first choice university.

Advanced Vocational (BTEC - Level 3 National Extended Certificate)

BTEC National Extended Certificate courses are Level 3 qualifications and consist of a mixture of external exams and internal coursework. On a Vocational pathway you will choose to study three subjects; each BTEC National Extended Certificate is the equivalent to 1 A Level. The studying of BTECs allows students to develop their research skills, which aide students when making the transition from Sixth Form to university.

Blended (A Level(s) and BTEC National Extended Certificate)

The Blended Pathway offers students the opportunity to study a combination of A Level and Advanced Vocational courses. This pathway offers students a rich mix of traditional academic learning and vocational studies. You may choose to study 2 A Levels and 1 BTEC National Extended certificate or 1 A Level and 2 BTEC National Extended Certificates. There are various combinations of A Level and Vocational subjects that can be studied at St George’s School and these can be found on our website.

Which pathway should I follow?

If you are choosing a Level 3 pathway, you must study the equivalent of three A Levels but this can be made up of a combination of traditional A Levels and/or BTEC level 3 qualifications. When selecting your pathway, you should consider your future aspirations as some universities and courses may only allow you to study 1 vocational qualification, we suggest you look at the entry requirements of individual universities before finalising your choices.

Which subjects should I choose?

When you are selecting your subjects, you should choose ones that you enjoy, are good at and will need for a specific career, university course or higher-level apprenticeship.