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Component Three
  • Students will complete Component Three.
  • Students will apply and develop your planning and production skills and techniques to create a media product in response to a client brief.
  • Students must read and interpret the client brief, understand the requirements of the product and complete pre-production, production and post-production review for the product.
  • Students will be given time to prepare assets for the final examination, which will ask them to finalise and create the end product.
Key Concepts:
  • Reading, understanding and interpreting a client brief
  • Interpreting the aim, purpose and requirement of the brief
  • Generating ideas in response to the brief
  • Planning sector-appropriate materials in response to the brief, including page layout and design, copywriting and graphics design
  • Manage the production process, including time management and copyright
  • Monitor and review outcomes of the production process, making refinements as you go
Key Vocabulary:
Client, brief, theme, response, target audience, aim, technical requirements, content, design, style, research, ideas, experimentation, pre-production, planning, codes and conventions, copyright, review, reflection, evaluation, distribution
Subject Overview:

Students in Year 11 have 3 Creative Media lessons each week.

In Year 11, students have 1 piece of homework set every week.


Component Three is assessed through an externally set and marked assignment encompassing both written and production skills.

Mock assignments are used throughout the year to assess progress and provide feedback.