Cyber Centurion Success

Many congratulations to our Year 9 team: Henry, Swwayam, Victor and Thomas who won Bronze medals in the CyberCenturion Finals last week.

The 4 students attended the finals in London during their Easter holiday with Mr Nicholas, Mr Hart and Mr Dodd.

What’s it all about?

CyberCenturion is a cyber security competition designed by the American Air Force Association and run by Northrop Grumman, open to 12 to 18-year olds in the UK and British Overseas Territories.  The program is designed to excite, educate and motivate students to pursue further education and careers in STEM and cybersecurity, which helps to build a diverse talent pool to supply the UK’s workforce needs.

The competition

Teams participate in a series of three online rounds in pursuit of a place in the National Finals, attempting to discover all the security vulnerabilities within various operating systems.

Securing systems equals high scores, but ill-fated changes or reduction in security can result in the undesired loss of points.

Students who take part benefit from a unique chance to develop their technical expertise as well as soft skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership – essential to succeeding in any role in cyber security today.

St. George’s has teams across Years 9, 10, 11 and the sixth form battling against over 500 other schools each year for a place in the finals.

The Finals

Following the 3 initial competition rounds, only the top 10 Senior teams (15-18 years) and top 5 Junior teams (12-14 years) reach the finals in London. Most of these teams stay in a hotel the night before the finals and are taken to the competition the following morning. This year it was held at RAF Hendon. The students aren’t allowed any help from the staff and must pit their wits against the other students taking part.

SGSE History of Success

We have had a team in the finals every year since we first took part in 2016. The competition initially was just for students aged 15 to 18 years but in 2020 they opened the competition to 12-14 years and created a Junior section.

St George’s CyberCenturion History of Success
Year Senior Junior
2016 Finalists N/A
2017 Finalists N/A
2018 1st place N/A
2019 2nd place N/A
2020 Finalists 3rd Place
2021 3rd Place 1st Place
2022 15th Place 3rd Place

In 2018 the 1st place prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington DC for a week!