Smart professional

Business attire

School is a professional environment that is often the next step to the world of employment; as such, Sixth Formers are expected to dress smartly, modestly and with respect to other people’s sensitivities. Business dress is required for all Sixth Form Students and as a co-educational schooling environment, with particular emphasis on the way in which students should dress appropriately, this should be:

  • A black, grey or navy tailored jacket with matching trousers, dress or skirt.
  • A smart shirt or blouse (crop tops, spaghetti strapped or vest tops are not permitted). This is a co-educational schooling environment, with particular implications for the way in which students should dress. As such, cleavage, midriffs and underwear should not be on show.
  • Trousers and skirts should not be inappropriately tight; skirts should not be worn higher than mid-thigh.
  • Appropriate shoes (not flip flops, trainers, canvas shoes or stilettos).
  • Shorts (of any length including to or below the knee) and denim are not permitted.
  • Hats and Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Haircuts should not include lines and patterns shaved into heads and eyebrows. Grade 3 (or lower) shaved haircuts are not permitted and extreme haircuts which include hairstyles where the sides are much shorter than the top are not permitted. Shoulder length hair (or longer) must be well kept and tied up for health and safety reasons in the designated subject areas around school. Facial hair must be kept groomed and tidy.
  • Headscarves or turbans must be blue or black.
  • Jewellery may be worn as long as it is discreet and does not compromise health and safety standards. This includes ear studs which must be removed for PE. All other visible body piercings are forbidden.
  • Cosmetics should be kept to a minimum, subtle and natural in tone. Nail varnish and nail or eyelash extensions are not permitted in school.