Students in Year 7 have 1 French lesson each week.

In Year 7 students have homework set every 2 weeks.
They may have new vocabulary to learn, a worksheet to complete or produce a piece of written work.


In Autumn we study:
About Me
Dates and birthdays
My Autoportrait
My Favourite Object
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • How to introduce yourself
  • How to say where you live.
  • What languages you speak and your nationality
  • Learn how to say dates, birthdays, ages
  • Describe your appearance and that of another person
  • Use the present tense of the verb “avoir” (to have)
  • Name and describe your favourite object
  • Use “un/une/des” correctly
  • Use “c’est/il est/c’est quoi?” correctly
  • Ask questions using correct intonation
In Spring we study:
School and Home
A Young Persons Home
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Describe school and where you live
  • Talk about different places to live
  • Recognise personal items
  • Identify activities at the youth club
  • Use connectives
  • Describe animals and colours
  • Practise the colour agreements
  • Use “je voudrais” and “j’aimerais” (I would like)
  • Use the past tense when describing a daytrip at the zoo
In Summer we study:
Please be aware topics marked with an asterisk(*) are taught after the End of Year assessments. These topics will be covered in more detail at the start of Year 8.
Places in town*
What can we do?*
Find your way*
Do you want to go out?*
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
Key Concepts:
  • Say what you eat and drink at different mealtimes
  • Give opinions of food and drinks
  • Say where you like to eat out
  • Order food in a café
  • Use quantities and understand recipes
  • Talk about food specialities and art
  • Understand places in town
  • Describe a town
  • Say what activity you do in your free time
  • Combine activities with places using “on peut”
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Arrange to go out
  • Discuss meeting places


Students through out Year 7 are formally assessed through Reading and Writing Assessments. These assessments take place every half term or at the end of each topic.

Students speaking and listening skills are practiced during lessons with feedback given to students during lesson time.