In the classroom, on the sports field, in the art studios, on the stage and in the music rooms, or in one of the many enrichment activities, all pupils can find opportunities to test their abilities and to find areas in which they excel.

St George’s is committed to small class sizes throughout the School. Classes are large enough to encourage discussions and a lively atmosphere, but small enough to ensure every child is noticed and listened to.

The unique talents of each child are identified and developed, whether they be in the classroom, in the creative arts or on the sports field. Their academic progress is tracked closely and reviewed regularly to ensure they are working well and making good progress. Students have individual targets set for them, and parents are provided with regular written and verbal reports.

Students receive a holistic education at St George’s. We provide an environment in which girls and boys develop a sense of right and wrong. We promote respect, kindness, courtesy and consideration of others. This is a very caring school and we believe passionately that unless children are happy they will not learn well. Students mature confidently in a secure environment, where they are encouraged to take risks with their learning in order to develop an understanding of how they learn best.

Our aim is to enable each child to achieve his or her potential by providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced and differentiated. The curriculum takes account of the particular learning difficulties and developmental level of each child. Students who have specific difficulties are offered support to help them develop the skills they need to progress within the curriculum.