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Our Approach

St George's School is a place where each individual feels supported, safe to develop at their own pace and take pride in every achievement. Our classes are small and our staff enthusiastic and caring - always keeping the child at the heart of the matter. Teaching staff are quick to recognise strengths of students but also to identify when particular help is needed.

This is reflected in the school’s strong commitment to inclusion, offering outstanding support for children with dyslexia and some diagnosed as having aspergers syndrome or high functioning autism. The vast majority of these pupils achieve as well or better than many of their peers in public examinations.

By understanding each group to be a collection of individuals, each with his/her idiosyncratic needs and aspirations, academic achievements sit comfortably alongside pastoral care. Consequently our pupils are empowered to take an active part in their own educational journey.   
“Because we are small there’s a close knit community at the School,” says Sir Bob. “We know each other well and we understand how to ensure every pupil walks a step or two with genius.”