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Staff Update

Posted 17/01/2014

Ms Brown and Ms Fergus will have become familiar faces as they have both recently joined our Administration Team and manage Reception:
Ms Brown: "Working in our school reception is just amazing. No two days are the same. My job is to support our pupils, our families and our visitors. I just love it here."
Ms Fergus: "There is never really a dull moment and every day is a great learning experience. Just what school should be!"

Mrs Waites, Teacher of Drama and Whole School Lead on Development of Teaching and Learning:
"St George's staff are the most friendly and dedicated staff I have ever experienced. The pupils here are truly blessed."

We recently welcomed Mrs Copsey into our Psychology Department where she is teaching the subject to our Sixth Form pupils:
"I started at St Georges mid November and I am delighted that Year 13 students are so eager to learn new exam strategies and have told me they enjoy their psychology lessons and find the subject interesting. Everyone is friendly and it is a very supportive environment in which to work. I asked the Headmaster for new text books and received them within the week."

Ms Savin has joined our team of Maths teachers:
"Having joined St George's, I've been so impressed by the support and organisation offered by colleagues to ensure the smooth transition within the mathematics department. It's been a pleasure to become part of a genuine learning environment, where students are given the tailored framework they require to make keen progress. I'm also impressed by the extensive enrichment opportunities available to students: enhancing their school CV beyond academic grades and levels."

Ms Perks has been an appointment within our English Department:
"I've thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks at St. George's. I feel like I've settled in straight away with both staff and students making me feel very welcome. I have been so impressed with the attitudes of the students and how motivated they are to work hard and do well. The provision for students with additional needs is fantastic and I definitely feel that even in a couple of weeks, progress really has been made."

We welcome Mr Ducille to our Science Department:
"St. George's School has delighted me as a place that affords each individual the opportunity to find his or her niche and to excel. There is an over-arching ethos of affirmation and thirst to provide each person with the right relational support and physical resources to succeed, pegged firmly in place by the Headmasters leadership. This care and due diligence to succeed applies to all individuals - a happy bunch - both staff and students alike."

Ms Mellor, another outstanding appointment in the English Department:
"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves, to misquote the Great Bard. I am really looking forward to supporting all the children to achieve their fullest potential."