Academic Awards

We are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication from our pupils this term. They have produced some fantastic work which is on display around the school and in their books.

Awards are given for the most improvement in Mathematics, Reading and Writing, the most creative award, best effort across the curriculum and the ACE award. This award is decided by the pupils in the class. ACE stands for ‘Always the Child who is an Example to everyone‘.

It was a difficult decision for the staff to make, but congratulations go to the following pupils:

Pre-School & Reception

  • Jeiran, Indyah, Sepehr, Katriel, Kenzo
  • ACE Award – Yara

Years 1 & 2

  • Karanveer, Tarlan, Mukul, Yousef, Aboubakr
  • ACE Award – Aisha

Year 3

  • Layla, Razn, Maya, Aleena, Aworoke
  • ACE Award – Ezra

Year 4

  • Bailey, Amina, Sebastian, Jaime B, Tiyam
  • ACE Award – Tiyam

Year 5

  • Max, Harry B, Harry L, Ruby, Hannah
  • ACE Award – Matthew

Year 6

  • Andrew, Gustav, Roman, Jonnie, Joel
  • ACE Award – Holly