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Lower School

A zest for life bursts out of the Lower School where our small pupils thrive in the atmosphere of praise and sensitive guidance.

Dedicated to the education of children up to Year 6, we recognise the vital importance of learning for children in these formative years. Small classes and a family atmosphere create an environment where children feel comfortable and take pride in their achievements.

We offer a small and friendly Lower School environment for children from 4 to 11 years. Exposed to a variety of learning opportunities and an atmosphere of encouragement, each child can flourish as they embark on the formative early years of their school career.

Traditional values, excellent facilities and a fun learning ethos help children find their academic feet in the world.

Attitudes towards, and feelings about education which become established early in a child’s educational journey, usually stay with them for the duration. It is therefore vitally important that we instil a passion for learning and an appreciation of its value before any such ideas become tainted with negativity.

We offer after-school care until 5.30pm each day. In addition we offer a wide variety of activities in after school clubs, which run from 3.30 – 4.30pm daily.