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A message from Sir Robert Dowling, Chair, St. George's School Board of Trustees

May I welcome you to our school. My colleagues have asked me to say something about the school and share with you some of my philosophies and thoughts about education and the young people entrusted to our care.

I believe that each and every young person in our world, no matter how lost or shut down they may appear, has amazing potential for growth and change.

As educators, it is up to each of us individually and to all of us collectively to inspire our children to be open to the unlimited potential that lies within them.

To convince them that they are of inestimable value. That they have a right and a duty to open their hearts and minds to the beauty that is all about us. That they must grasp the opportunities to become scholars and learn that wisdom is one of the fruits of tolerance and love.

School should be a place where children are happy, safe in the knowledge they are valued for who they are and treated with respect as individuals.

I became Headmaster of St George’s over two years ago. Supported by a committed staff I have worked to ensure we provide an environment where the student’s voice is heard, their views and concerns listened to. An open door policy promotes space for informal discussion and helps students feel comfortable in approaching us when they need to talk.

I believe this approach allows students and staff to feel part of one large family where each person is treated as an individual and allowed to express him or herself without fear of criticism.

By promoting emotional intelligence the aspirations and future success of each and every student will be so much easier to realise. They will come to know that everyone can walk a step or two with genius at some time in their lives.

Academic achievement is important and I am proud of our students who year on year achieve outstanding exam results at GCSE and A Level. However life at St George’s is about so much more than sitting in a classroom and passing exams. The school offers lots of opportunity for extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Some of these happen after school.

Older students can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and have various club opportunities, such as dining and theatre visits. All students are welcome to participate in school theatre productions, where creativity is nurtured and fun is guaranteed!

Students leave St George’s School fully prepared for the busy, modern and challenging world that awaits them. We strive to ensure they take with them the necessary skills to help them on their journey through life.

If you send your son/daughter to St George’s School my colleagues and I will join with you in providing them with the very best start in life. Together we will strive to make sure they have the courage and skills to navigate their way through an increasingly complex society.